About us

Founded as Bereas vzw in April 2016, representing the interests and voicing the concerns of Registrars that offer Belgian domain names, is at the core of our values. It is an association by and for Registrars.

To accomplish our goals, the association organizes itself in such a way that it has a commercial and technically sound basis to start with. That is why it is founded by some of the top minds in the Belgian domain name space. This expertise is topped off by its members, who have years and years of experience in domain name related matters.

Our founding board members are:

  • Bart Mortelmans, bNamed, President
  • Laurent Callens, Register.eu, Secretary
  • Jimmy Cappaert, Combell, Treasurer
  • David Geens, Nucleus, Board member

Bereas wants to protect and represent Registrars from all over the world who sell Belgian domain names such as .be, .vlaanderen, .brussels and .gent. It does that by actively participating in the public debate regarding domain names.

With our association, we want to:

  • Unite official domain name Registrars of Belgian top level domains
  • Inform our members about all things related to domain names
  • Organize regular meetings and trainings on everything related to domain names
  • Protect the commercial interests of Registrars at the Registries

We are focussing on four key areas to achieve this:

  • Participate: Actively participate in user groups organized by or related to Belgian domain names
  • Represent: When possible, be an active member of the Belgian Registries’ board or official bodies
  • Inform: Inform members and the general public on important evolutions regarding domain names
  • Communicatie: Act and communicate as a single spokesperson for the Belgian Registrar community

Bereas is currently the only association in Belgium that represents Registrars and that is truly focussed, independent and legally organized in regards to the domain name business. Our Belgian non-profit organisation application is currently being processed, and we will shortly update our pages to reflect all legal information.

We will shortly post all legal information about Bereas vzw, including our registration in the national database and a copy of our by-laws.