Registrars now officially represented in DNS Belgium hierarchy

On Monday, Bereas vzw was accepted as a member of DNS Belgium. It now has a seat in the General Assembly and Policy Council of the organisation runs the Belgian top level domain .be, as well as the recently launched .vlaanderen and .brussels. Bereas is the only legally organised Registrar association and wants to represent all .BE Registrars.

An added value

As a member, Bereas gets a seat in the General Assembly and Policy Council and a vote in policy decisions regarding the future of Belgian top level domains. The desire for Registrars to be part of the hierarchy of DNS Belgium, is something that was top of mind for a lot of Registrars for a long time.

Bereas believes that this is an important step for the association and one of the reasons it exists. “We truly believe that we will be an added value for DNS Belgium vzw, as we currently are the only legally organised Registrar association in Belgium”, says Frank Louwers, President of Bereas.

“Every day, we try to represent and safeguard the interest of all Registrars. We find it important that, when DNS Belgium decides on the future of its top level domains, important aspects that concern and impact Registrars are taken into account. For example the commercial aspect, which is vital when discussing the pricing policy of the TLD’s”, Louwers concludes.

More diversity

Comeos, BeCommerce and IAB Belgium were also accepted as a new member to DNS Belgium, in an effort of them to have a more diverse representation in their organisation. Before that, FeWeb, Agoria, Beltug and ISPA were also added as a member.

About Bereas

Representing the interests and voicing the concerns of Registrars that offer Belgian domain names, is at the core of Bereas’ values. To accomplish that, our association organises itself in such a way that it has a commercial and technically sound basis to start with. That is why it is founded by some of the top minds in the Belgian domain name space. This expertise is topped off by its members, who have years and years of experience in domain name related matters. Together, they are one of the only associations in Belgium that is truly focussed, independent and legally organised in regards to the domain name business. Bereas is a member of DNS Belgium, the organisation that runs the Belgian top level domains.

More information? Contact our president Frank Louwers. For media enquiries, please contact Jimmy Cappaert.

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