Bereas Announces Bart Mortelmans as New Director, Replacing Frank Lauwers

Bart Mortelmans is set to replace Frank Lauwers as the director of Bereas and representative of Bereas within the advisory committee of DNS Belgium.

Frank Lauwers, the outgoing director, has been a prominent figure in the domain name registration sector. His decision to step down follows the sale of his company, Openminds, to the Intelligent group (Combell). Since Lauwers is no longer actively involved in domain name registrations, he felt it appropriate to pass on his responsibilities at Bereas to another member.

While stepping down from his current role, Lauwers is not leaving the industry entirely. We’ll sure we’ll hear from him in the future and his expertise and experience will continue to influence the domain name registration field, albeit in a different capacity.

The new director Bart Mortelmans is not a new name in Bereas circles. As one of its founding members, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Currently, he holds the position of general manager at the Belgium registrar bNamed.

With over 16 years of experience in domain name registrations, Mortelmans is a seasoned professional in this field. His business focus has been exclusively on domain name registrations, providing him with a depth of understanding and expertise that is hard to match. Additionally, his hands-on experience with foreign registries further solidifies his suitability for this role.

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