New Verification Measures for .fr and .de Domains in Preparation for NIS/2 Implementation

In preparation for NIS/2, the French and German domain registries, AFNIC (.fr) and DENIC (.de), have announced new measures for extra verification of registrant data. Short notice by AFNIC AFNIC, the registry responsible for .fr domains, has surprised stakeholders with the abrupt rollout of their new validation guidelines. These guidelines will be effective from January[…]

Belgium Leads with Early Publication of Draft NIS2 Law, Open for Public Consultation

Belgium has positioned itself as one of the first countries to proactively publish a draft of the much-anticipated “NIS2 Law.” This move signifies a crucial step in the nation’s commitment to enhancing cybersecurity and digital infrastructure. The draft law is now open for public consultation, with stakeholders invited to submit their comments by December 21st.[…]

AFNIC’s Sudden Registrant Validation Requirement: A Challenge for Registrars

In a surprising and last-minute announcement, AFNIC, the French registry, has revealed plans to implement a requirement for registrars to verify registrant information. This new directive is set to take effect in approximately six weeks, leaving registrars with a very tight timeline to comply. Adding to the challenge, the details of these plans remain vague,[…]

Special General Meeting Scheduled for November 14’th

We are pleased to announce that a special general meeting is scheduled for November 14th, an essential gathering for all members of our association. This meeting holds particular significance due to a necessary administrative vote, prompted by recent changes in Belgian legislation. Administrative Vote: Updating Our Statutes First on the agenda for this meeting is[…]

Upcoming Webinar: Navigating NIS/2 with Bereas, Vereniging van Registrars, and SIDN

Sister organization “Vereniging van Registrars” (VvR) will hold a webinar scheduled for June 8. This virtual event is dedicated to shedding light on the NIS/2 directive, a significant development in the digital landscape. Both Bereas and SIDN will also present more details about what is currently known about the NIS/2 directive. Objective of the Webinar[…]

No .be price increase

On the October 13’th registrar Forum, DNS Belgium announced they were considering increasing the pricing for .be domain names. Many other registries are also increasing their pricing and in the current economical climate with high inflation, this was not too unlogical. The price for .be also had not changed since 2016. When looking at the[…]