AFNIC’s Sudden Registrant Validation Requirement: A Challenge for Registrars

In a surprising and last-minute announcement, AFNIC, the French registry, has revealed plans to implement a requirement for registrars to verify registrant information. This new directive is set to take effect in approximately six weeks, leaving registrars with a very tight timeline to comply. Adding to the challenge, the details of these plans remain vague, with more information promised only by December 5th. This gives registrars less than a month for preparation during the busy holiday season, which is far from ideal.

Understanding the Context but Questioning the Timing

As an organization, we understand the context in which AFNIC is operating, especially in light of the upcoming NIS/2 directive. This directive will mandate such verification processes once it becomes active law. However, we regret that as registrars, we were not involved in this development sooner. Learning about such a significant change at the last minute is far from ideal and presents several operational challenges.

Our Position as a Belgian Registrar Association

Being a Belgian registrar association, we do not have direct influence over the decisions of AFNIC. Nevertheless, we recognize the impact this sudden change will have on our members, particularly those who engage with the French registry. Some of our members maintain close contact with AFNIC, and through these connections, we hope to gain more insights and updates on this evolving situation.

Commitment to Collaborative Efforts

We are committed to working through our French members to stay abreast of these changes and to advocate for a more collaborative approach in the future. It is our hope that through constructive dialogue and exchange, we can better prepare for and adapt to these new requirements, ensuring a smooth transition for both registrars and registrants alike.

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