Upcoming Webinar: Navigating NIS/2 with Bereas, Vereniging van Registrars, and SIDN

Sister organization “Vereniging van Registrars” (VvR) will hold a webinar scheduled for June 8. This virtual event is dedicated to shedding light on the NIS/2 directive, a significant development in the digital landscape. Both Bereas and SIDN will also present more details about what is currently known about the NIS/2 directive.

Objective of the Webinar

The NIS/2 directive, with its far-reaching implications for digital security and compliance, has been a topic of considerable discussion and analysis. The upcoming webinar aims to provide registrars, industry stakeholders, and interested parties with detailed insights into what is already known about this directive. The goal is to offer clarity and guidance on how it may impact our operations and strategies.

Bringing Experts Together

VvR is proud to bring together a panel of experts from Bereas, Vereniging van Registrars, and SIDN. These specialists, with their in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience, will delve into the nuances of NIS/2, discussing its potential challenges and opportunities. Their insights will be invaluable for anyone seeking to navigate this new regulatory environment effectively.

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