SIDN’s Latest Price Increase for .nl Domains

In a development that adds to a trend of successive price hikes, SIDN recently announced a 10% increase in fees for .nl domains. This follows a series of annual increments, including a notable 6% rise last year, and 2% increases in the preceding years. As representatives of Bereas, we were privy to this information shortly before its public release, thanks to our cooperation with “De Vereniging van Registrars” in The Netherlands. This allowed us to engage directly with SIDN and pose critical questions about their latest decision.

Our Response to the Price Increase

We at Bereas are critical of this move. Our immediate reaction to the announcement was one of concern. This feeling is compounded by our belief that SIDN’s reasoning for the increase, especially their insistence on maintaining a substantial cash reserve, is not entirely justifiable. We have repeatedly questioned the necessity of such a sizable reserve and are yet to receive satisfactory answers.

Assessing SIDN’s Investment Decisions

Furthermore, SIDN justifies the price hike by citing the need for investment in new software for their registry backend. While we understand and appreciate the importance of technological advancements, we are closely scrutinizing these investments. It’s crucial to us that any significant expenditure by SIDN, which ultimately impacts the entire .nl domain community, is not only necessary but also the most effective use of resources.

Our Stance Moving Forward

Despite our efforts to challenge the decision, it appears that the price increase is now a foregone conclusion—a “fait accompli.” This does not mean, however, that our vigilance will wane. We remain committed to holding SIDN accountable and ensuring that their financial decisions, including pricing strategies and investment choices, are made with the best interests of the .nl domain community in mind.

In summary, as Bereas, we are concerned about the continuous trend of price increases for .nl domains, especially in light of our questions regarding SIDN’s financial management. We are determined to keep a close eye on these developments, advocating for transparency and reasonableness in all decisions that affect our community.

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