Special General Meeting Scheduled for November 14’th

We are pleased to announce that a special general meeting is scheduled for November 14th, an essential gathering for all members of our association. This meeting holds particular significance due to a necessary administrative vote, prompted by recent changes in Belgian legislation.

Administrative Vote: Updating Our Statutes

First on the agenda for this meeting is to conduct a small but crucial administrative vote. Amendments in Belgian legislation necessitate an update to our statutes. While these changes are mostly procedural and do not alter the essence of our existing statutes, their implementation is vital for our compliance with the new legal framework. We urge as many members as possible to attend the meeting to ensure we reach the required quorum for this vote.

Informative Sessions on European Directive NIS/2

In addition to the administrative vote, the meeting will also serve as a platform to update our members about the European Directive NIS/2. We are honored to have Veerle Van Hecke, Compliance Manager at Combell Group, who will provide insights into the cyber security requirements outlined in the directive. Her expertise will be invaluable in understanding the implications and necessary actions for compliance.

Furthermore, we will have Bart Mortelmans, General Manager at bNamed, speaking about the implications of Article 28 of the directive, which specifically focuses on domain name registrations. His session will shed light on how this article affects our operations and the broader domain registration landscape.

A Call to Our Members

This meeting is not only a procedural necessity but also an opportunity for our members to stay informed and engaged with the evolving digital landscape. Your participation is crucial, not just for the vote, but also to gain valuable insights into NIS/2, a directive that will significantly impact our industry.

We look forward to seeing you on November 14th and working together to continue navigating these changes effectively.

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