Bereas to Meet with BIPT on May 3rd for NIS/2 Discussions

Bereas is pleased to announce a scheduled meeting with the Belgian Institute for Postal services and Telecommunications (BIPT) on May 3rd. This meeting is of significant importance, as BIPT is expected to be one of the main institutions responsible for the interpretation and oversight of the NIS/2 directive in Belgium.


The primary aim of this meeting is to discuss the NIS/2 directive, a pivotal piece of legislation in the realm of digital infrastructure and cybersecurity. Given BIPT’s likely role in this context, our engagement with them is a crucial step in ensuring that the perspectives and concerns of our members are heard and considered.

Bereas’ Involvement and Expectations

We at Bereas are delighted to have this opportunity to present our views on NIS/2 to BIPT. Our organization has been deeply involved in understanding the intricacies of this directive and its potential impact on the digital landscape. We anticipate a constructive dialogue, where insights from both sides can lead to a more effective implementation of NIS/2.

Looking Ahead

Meetings like this underscore the importance of collaborative efforts between regulatory bodies and industry associations like Bereas. We are optimistic that this meeting will pave the way for more informed and effective policy-making, ultimately benefiting the digital domain at large.

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